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Cuisine in Gabon

Although the bigger cities will serve French styled foods, traditional cuisine in Gabon includes rice or manioc paste, yams or cassava and available meat or fish. Spicy sauces are often served with antelope or wild boar and gari, a flour made from cassava and prepared into a porridge, and other common dishes include nyembwe, chicken cooked with pine nuts, stews with meat and fufu, crushed and pounded plantains, and stuffed crab.

Gabonese food is distinctive and delicious, but not always readily available, as most restaurants serve Senegalese, Cameroonian and Congolese food.

Most Gabonese dishes are based on "berbere", powdered hot red pepper that as well enclose a variety of other spices. Spiced, clarified butter is also commonly used, as are a variety of other spices. Frequently several dishes are served at a meal, and injera, a flat, pancake-like bread is always included. Stew or wat dishes are the mainstay of Gabon cuisine. They can be meat, grain or vegetable based, and are regularly highly spiced, but not for all time hot.

The diversity of vegetables and cereals found in Gabon is also noticed in the delicious dishes belonging to their cuisine. Gabonese cuisine uses elements from various cooking traditions borrowed from their neighbours and developed from their own traditional dishes, like British or French. Using the right amount of spices for example is essential – either for spicing up the taste or for colouring the dish. Each traditional dish has a special cooking method, which is more or less general in all of the regions in Gabon. Meat is one of the main elements of most Gabon dishes and cured and smoked hams are often parts of delicious dishes. The visual attractiveness of the dish is also important, and a balance between colours and proportion differentiates from a region to another. There is also a thriving trade in such exotic bush meat species as chimpanzee and gorilla.





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